Justin Fields


Class of 2018


210-219 lbs

Kennesaw, GA

  • 90-99: All-American Prospect

  • 80-89: Power Five Prospect

  • 70-79: FBS Prospect

  • 60-69: FCS Prospect

  • 50-59: D2 / D3 Prospect

  • 0-49: Not a Prospect

Overall: 92 (All-American Prospect)
Accuracy: 92
Creativity: 98
Mechanics: 88
Footwork: 89
Escapability: 92
Speed: 90
Touch: 87
Toughness: 95
Arm Strength: 94
Run Ability: 90

Huddle Analysis

Justin Fields is a blue-chip recruit that possesses all the hard skills that it takes to be successful at an elite program. His creativity, toughness, and arm strength set him apart from other quarterbacks in his class. The combo reminds me of a smaller, less physical version of Cam Newton. Justin’s creativity leads to a lot of big plays but also makes him prone to throwing interceptions. His toughness is evident when you watch him run the football and see the attitude that he plays with. He also possesses elite level arm strength, where flinging around the rock seems effortless. In order to be successful at the next level, Justin will need to speed up his feet, quicken up his release, and refine his mechanics. The good news is that a good quarterback coach will drill all those things into him. I project that Justin Fields will be a starter at an elite power five conference football program.


  • Creativity

  • Toughness

  • Arm Strength

  • Escapability

  • Accuracy

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