Charlie Dean


Class of 2019


170-179 lbs

Tampa, FL

  • 90-99: All-American Prospect

  • 80-89: Power Five Prospect

  • 70-79: FBS Prospect

  • 60-69: FCS Prospect

  • 50-59: D2 / D3 Prospect

  • 0-49: Not a Prospect

Overall: 71 (FBS Prospect)
Accuracy: 76
Creativity: 72
Mechanics: 75
Footwork: 73
Escapability: 65
Speed: 62
Touch: 74
Toughness: 75
Arm Strength: 60
Run Ability: 65

Huddle Analysis

Charlie Dean is a developing quarterback with high growth-potential, both literally and figuratively. At 6’0″ 175lbs, Charlie is projected by our Scouts as an FBS quarterback if he gets in the weight room to improve his arm strength and running ability. His touch, mechanics, and footwork make him an accurate passer and we learned from discussions with his coaches that he possesses the toughness to be a leader at the next level. The best comp for Charlie is a smaller, not as strong, Sam Bradford. The best fit for Charlie at this point is likely an FBS, but not power five conference, school.


  • Accuracy

  • Mechanics

  • Toughness

  • Touch

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